At Focusline Production, we embrace every opportunity to enhance a project with our professional colour grading. In this feature, we invite you behind the scenes of our journey with the “BALOISE, GEN Z” event highlight video.

Project Overview

The video showcases a unique endeavor by Baloise, bringing together a dozen young individuals to gain a clearer vision of Generation Z. It’s an exploration into the world of the next generation, seeking to understand their values, perspectives, and aspirations. The project aimed to create an event highlight video that would truly capture the essence of Gen Z.

Our Approach

We filmed this project using the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k Pro, harnessing its Gen 5 color science. This camera allowed us to capture the raw and unfiltered emotions of the young participants. We meticulously balanced the entire timeline before diving into the colour grading process, ensuring a solid foundation for our creative journey.

The Colour Grading Journey

Our focus for this project was primarily on capturing the essence of the people involved. The naturalness of skin tones was of utmost importance. While we added a touch of boldness and introduced a gentle orange hue to the overall image, it was done with subtlety, resulting in a smooth and visually pleasing outcome. On set, we worked with the existing building lighting, managing various interview videos and accommodating multiple lighting conditions, including the abundant natural light from large windows.


The final result of our colour grading work on the “BALOISE, GEN Z” project perfectly encapsulated the essence of Generation Z. It revealed not only their personalities but also the seamless integration of diverse lighting conditions.

Our professional colour grading shines through in this project, further underscoring our commitment to delivering top-notch services that elevate storytelling in our film productions.

We eagerly anticipate more exciting projects, pushing boundaries, and turning each one into a visual delight. As we continue to explore the world of colour grading, we are committed to staying at the forefront of technology and artistry, ensuring that every video we create at Focusline tells a compelling and authentic story.

Watch the result
Watch the result
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