Focusline is an innovative

creative and production house

elevating storytelling

beyond traditional advertising.

Focusline is an

innovative and creative

production company,

elevating storytelling

beyond traditional advertising.

We are creators known for transforming advertising into captivating entertainment. We collaborate with visionary brands, agencies, and platforms to craft authentic campaigns, commercials, and branded content that bring your vision to life in cinematic experiences.


Full Service Production

At Focusline, our spectrum of services empowers brands and agencies to produce cinematic content with flexibility and precision. With our expertise and wide network of professionals in the film industry, we take a personalised approach to commercial production, creative services, and entertainment, recognising that every project is distinct. Our commitment is to tailor our services to the unique needs and aspirations of each project, ensuring excellence in every frame.

  • Concept Development
  • Campaign
  • Narrative Crafting
  • Creative Direction
  • Narrative Commercials
  • Branded Content
  • Documentary
  • Feature & Short
  • Film editing
  • Sound
  • Colour
  • VFX + CGI (external partners)
Freelance Director

Seeking a dedicated film director to bring your creative vision to life? Whether you are an ambitious creative agency or a group of passionate individuals embarking on a project, Samuel Laprand, founder of Focusline Production is here to collaborate and help you craft captivating experiences.

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Focusline by Samuel Laprand
1950 Sion | Switzerland

Meet Samuel Laprand

Samuel Laprand is a freelance film director based in Sion, Switzerland. With a robust background in the film industry, Samuel has honed his skills through a series of remarkable experiences. He kick-started his journey by working with Mcqueen Films in Zürich, where he gained valuable insights into the world of film commercial.

Samuel Laprand is not just a director; he’s a dedicated professional who continually seeks to enhance his expertise with creativity and discipline. He personally trained under Davide Greco (CSI – Colorist Society International), a professional colourist from Switzerland, as well as under Cullen Kelly, one of the most respected colourists and trainers in the industry.

In addition to his achievements, Samuel is an active member of Valais Films, the Valais-based association of audiovisual professionals. Since 2022, he has contributed his knowledge and passion to this thriving association.

Samuel Laprand brings a strong focus on cinematography and innovative technology to every project. His commitment to creative storytelling, combined with his extensive industry experience, makes him the ideal collaborator for agencies and individuals seeking a passionate and skilled film director.

Samuel Laprand



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