At Focusline Production, we relish every opportunity to transform a project with our colour grading expertise. In this spotlight, we take you behind the scenes of our journey with the “ORDANAIS – Gastronomy, Hunting, and Terroir” promotional video.

Project Overview

The video is a culinary celebration, a creative endeavor to promote the values of hunting and terroir through gastronomy. This event, organised by Philippe Duperrex and the renowned chef Xavier Bats (Ordanais SA), presented a unique challenge. Shot in a multipurpose hall with variable lighting conditions, including challenging tungsten lights and top-down lighting, it became a colour grading puzzle we were eager to tackle.

Our Approach

We filmed this event with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k Pro, (Gen 5 colour science) in Blackmagic RAW (BRAW), coupled with anamorphic lenses. This choice granted us the flexibility and dynamic range needed to work with diverse lighting conditions and deliver exceptional results, offering a unique perspective through our chosen lenses.

The Colour Grading Journey

Our colour grading journey for this project was both technical and artistic. We aimed to enhance the visuals, bring out the cleanliness of the kitchen scenes, and create a warmth, vibrant, and inviting atmosphere to match the gastronomic theme. Taming the challenges posed by tungsten lights and top-down lighting required precision and finesse. We also went with a nice contrast between the kitchen and the dining room, playing with blueish and warm tones while keeping the skin tone neat.


The end result was visually interesting that not only showcased the culinary artistry of the event but also conveyed the essence of hunting and terroir. We managed to create a colour palette that highlighted the rich, earthy tones of terroir and the delicious dishes presented by Chef Xavier Bats.

Our colour grading expertise with this project is a testament to our commitment to delivering top-notch colour grading services that elevate storytelling in our film productions, even in challenging conditions.

We look forward to more exciting colour grading adventures, pushing boundaries, and turning every project into a visual delight.

Watch the result
Watch the result
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