At Focusline Production, we thrive on every opportunity to infuse a project with our creative colour grading expertise. In this spotlight, we’ll immerse you in the creative voyage behind the “Kaleido – Aftermovie 2022“.

Project Overview

Kaleido Aftermovie 2022 serves as a visual highlight, promoting the 5th edition of the Kaleido Retreat, centered around the theme of metamorphosis. This immersive event unfolded within the enchanting Fourgerette Castle in France. Over five days, our team captured the essence of the retreat through two cameras, featuring diverse interviews and numerous locations. From the captivating outdoors by the castle and the serene lake to indoor spaces with varying lighting conditions, including the early morning, mid-day, sunset, and night scenes around a campfire.

Our Approach

To bring this project to life, we utilised the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k Pro and the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k. The first crucial step in our colour grading journey was balancing the entire 4-minute video to establish a cohesive visual foundation. For our exterior shots, we harnessed the beauty of natural light, occasionally complementing it with modifiers or artificial lighting to elevate the visual impact.

The Colour Grading Journey

Our expert colourist, Samuel Laprand, led the artistic journey. Playing with lighting, enhancing the colour palette, and ensuring the natural appearance of people’s skin tones were among their top priorities. This involved the precision challenge of crafting an authentic colour grade while keeping the viewers’ focus on the main subject. The results speak volumes about our dedication to delivering exceptional colour grading services.


The culmination of our creative color grading journey for the “Kaleido – Aftermovie 2022” project was nothing short of transformative. With a meticulous blend of technical precision and artistic finesse, we sculpted a visual masterpiece that unveiled the true essence of the event.

As the film unfolded, viewers were drawn into a world where the boundaries of colour and light were pushed to their limits, creating an unforgettable journey of artistic exploration. This project was a testament to our unwavering commitment to the art of creative colour grading, showcasing our ability to bring stories to life through the magic of colour.

With each project, we continue to push the boundaries of our craft, exploring the limitless potential of creative colour grading. At Focusline Production, our goal is simple: to transform every narrative into an immersive visual delight that lingers in the hearts and minds of our audience.

Watch the result
Watch the result
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